Grants for members

G-I-N is once again proud to be able to support some of our members from low and lower middle income countries to travel to and attend the conference.  The recipients will all receive complimentary registration for the conference, travel to Amsterdam and hotel accommodation.

A small panel assessed all of the applications from our members and selected three, who have not previously received conference support from G-I-N and who are all extremely engaged with the network.

Mr. Brian Kanaahe Mwebaze Bilal

Brian Kanaahe Mwebaze has been a Prehospital Care Specialist for the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he’s helped African Union Medical Services in training, deployment, evaluation and learning of African Union Health Workers under the African Union Mission on Ebola Outbreak to West Africa. In Uganda, he is affiliated to Uganda Red Cross-First Aid Programme. He is also a Lecturer at Bishop Stuart University-Faculty of Public Health, researcher and Africa Region-Youth ambassador for road safety. He has previously undertaken assignments with UNAIDS-Ndola,Zambia, UNAIDS-Geneva, & WHO-Kinshasa. Brian holds a Bsc, EMT-I, & MPH. When not looking for evidence to help governments, international agencies, academia and youth organisations to knit with a pattern in public health practice, Brian does nutmegs, flipflaps and related Brianinho soccer moves.

Twitter: @BrianBilalK1.

Dr. Mbah Patrick Okwen (MD, Health Economist)

Mbah Patrick Okwen is a Cameroonian medical doctor and health economist. He is interested in improving global health outcomes. Patrick does public health research, systematic reviews with both Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations. He currently works at the North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion where amongst other things they help with increasing access to medicines, health governance, and health financing. He is affiliated to the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) department of Health Economics and the Centre for the Development of Best Practices in Health (CDBPS-H). Patrick also works as a health consultant to several international development agencies and governments.

Patrick is currently the lead of the African G-I-N community. In joining the Guidelines International Network, he hopes to increase participation of Africa in both production and consumption of guidelines. He also hopes to use his skills in health economics and mobile technology to contribute to guidelines development. He will be attending his second G-I-N conference come October 2015 in Amsterdam where he will be at the AGM and also presenting a lots of research evidence on guidelines in Africa.

Patrick is married with 4 daughters. He loves music, painting and poetry and enjoys hiking the several hills in Cameroon. Patrick also enjoys tweeting and you can join him @okwen.

Dr. Joseph L. Mathew

Dr. Joseph L. Mathew is a Pediatric Pulmonologist at the Advanced Pediatrics Centre, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (India). He is a leader of the Evidence Based Medicine movement and attempted to translate research evidence to health-care practice in developing countries. He is active within the Cochrane Collaboration, Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi), Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM), and Guidelines International Network (G-I-N). He was the Founder Chair of HTAi Interest Subgroup for Developing Countries (2008-13) and recently initiated the G-I-N LMIC Working Group (2015). He has contributed significantly towards capacity building efforts for evidence-informed decision-making through the SIGNET Capacity and Capability Building programme. He is the lead author of EURECA (Evidence that is Understandable, Relevant, Extendible, Current and Appraised) and also developed the KNOW ESSENTIALS tool for evidence-informed decision-making in resource-limited settings.

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